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Wettest, latest planting season yet, then ten weeks very dry and our stock the smallest ever and it has taken a lot of time and study to make prices as low

as possible.

Considering the bad growing conditions here it is amazing how nice and healthy our stock is and the fine growth made, tho the season was so short we have very few No. | bulbs and a good percentage of our bulblet stock died for lack of water. Our late planting start prevented us from p!anting enough of several of our excellent varieties to allow listing them this year, and of several others no bulblets were planted. However, we hope to have enough stock of those we do list to fill all retail orders from both old and new customers, but remember, late orders could be a disappointment.

We grow and handle only our own originations so please do not ask us for anything outside this list.

While our 1947 introductions are all good propaga- tors, our stock is not as large as we would like. All three are distinct novelties with a blue ribbon start and should do their share of winning in their classes. Everyone needs some dusky shades in their planting to take the monotony off all those whites, pinks, reds, etc., so why not get real novelties that are absolutely different. Our three dusky maidens is the answer.

We are not giving show to show reports this year, leaving that job to you, and you will find that as usual Wilson originations have taken over blue rib- bons, special and championships in a most gratifying way at most all major shows, not just last year, but for years. You ae st amisallie growing our orig- inations as we hybridize on a large scale and are most critical of all our releases, discarding all those NEAR good ones such as some hybridizers are putting on the market. In this age they must be tops or nothing.


We gladly rectify any mistakes and wish to fill orders as generously as our present small stock will allow. Shipments during hazardous winter weather at purchasers risk.


MEXICALI ROSE Charles Dickens X Janet (About 85 days) Sdlg., No. N-101 ... Very dark

rose, nicely ruffled wide open, not hooded. Five and one-half-inch floret, 9 open, good formal type, 22 buds, 26-inch head, 55 inches overall. Very good substance and straight ramrod stem. A dark one with real class. First both one and three spike at Tri-State 1946. Only time shown. One No. 5 bulb for $4.00; bulblets, 80c per each or 10 for $6.00.


Gray Phantom X Vagabond Prince

(About 100 days) Sdlg., No. OK-66 ... Big orange gray or light slate, deep orange blotch with yellow rib. Six-inch floret, 8 open, 20 buds, 28-inch head, 65 inches, overall. Nothing like it in color today. A big dark lovely you will have to admire. Strong attach- ment, straight ramrod stem, placement very good. Everything you could ask for in any glad. Should tear off a big strip of blue tape yardage at future shows. First at Ohio State, Cleveland (the big show) in 1946. Only time shown. Smoky fanciers don’t skip it this year. Per each No. 4, $7.00; No. 5, $6.00; No. 6, $5.00; bulblets, each $1.00.

HULA HULA Gray Phantom X Vagabond Prince (About 85 days) Sdlg., No. OK-36 . . . Smoky hard

to discribe. A good guess is orange gray with violet orange blotch, occasionally a little plum flecking ‘on tips. Most unique coloring as a whole. Betcha never saw anything like it. Tellin’ you the truth I don’t know what color it is, you'll just have to grow it and make your own guess. Could easily be a cross be- tween a kankaroo and a walrus. Five and one-half- inch floret, 12 or more open with excellent formal type, 23 buds, 27-inch head, 56 inches overall. Should do a lot of winning with its ideal performance and show qualities. Not hooded, strong attachment, strong straight stem. A pleasure to look at spike from toe to tip. Shown only once, winning both one and three spike at Tri-State 1946. Per each No. 5 bulb $5.00; bulblets, $1.00 each or 10 for $8.00.


GLENOLDEN Peggy Lou X Christabel

(About 85 days) . .. Big clear chamois with clean yellow over buff throat. A glad that fits well in all make-up work as well as the show room. Thin strong stem like steel to tip and always straight. Good propa- gator and excellent germinator. Practically a one lip floret. A real beauty in a rare and most pleasing color. Very flattering comments from all who have seen it. A fair stock allows a heavy cut in price this year of about one-half. Do not pass this one up if you did NOt Pet Aqstattelast year PercachyNo. 5, p1,60;.INo; 4, $1.40; No. 5, $1.20; No. 6, $1.00; bulblets, each 25c or 10 for $2.00. Hear ye, hear ye, 20 bulblets, for $3.20.

CHUNGKING Peggy Lou X Miss New Zealand

UA DOUtm/ Dacays some mem bivececpeorativc sand ecreai. Yellow lip with crimson feather. Can be spotted a mile away. Distant florists who tried a few bulbs last year have made advance reservation for stock and seem quite enthusiastic over its performance and pos- sibilities. Seven-inch, and larger floret, 8 open, 7 in COLO Ls DUS ae U-11Ghe Neadss OsediiGhcoeovera lacus tomers are reporting 6-inch floret from No. 5-6 bulbs. Formal type, strong straight stem, strong attachment and good propagator. This also cut one-half in price over lastmyears Per cach =NOw4.. pl) Noe. 191-20; No. 6, $1.00; bulblets, each 25c or 10 for $2.00. Comedy reduction 20 bulblets, $3.00.

CHARMOLUCK Peggy Lou X Mother Machree

(About 85 days) ... Clean ruffled orange buff with creamy yellow throat. No markings except small picotee border of violet not noticeable in subdued light. We made up several funeral baskets entirely of this variety the past summer and they gave excel lent satisfaction. A beauty that has won its blue at shows. Five-inch floret, 9 open, 19 buds, 27-inch head, 70 inches overall the past dry summer. Not hooded. Tall straight ramrod stem. Very strong attachment. If it’s beauty you want, it answers. Good ‘propagator and a good stock also allows a near one-half cut in this years price over 1946. No. 4, $1.50; No. 5, $1.30; INo:6,, $Ic10;" bulbléts, “cach, 30con 10 fore $2.30. Matinee price 20 bulblets, for $3.50.

NATALIE ANNE Peggy Lou X J. S. Bach

(About 70 days) ... Large rose self except for small orange blotch. Very clear with no flecking. Comes very close to being a light orange under natural light. Five and one-half-inch, 7 open, 19 buds, 26-inch head, 60 inches overall. Heavy propagator. Straight strong stem. Excellent commerical with strong ambitions to win. Give it a whirl for your cut flower trade and watch it spin. Per each No. 5, $1.30; No. 6, $1.00; bulblets, each 20c or 10 for $1.30. At auction 20 bulblets, for $2.00.


VICTORY QUEEN Mrs. Richard McGovern X Christabel

(About 90 days) . . . Simply a marvel in pastel beauty and clearness. Looks good under all lights and does well under all conditions. It is only a matter of a short time till it will be grown in all commercial plantings. Rich salmon orange with deep cream throat Absolutely no flecks or marks anywhere except two small dots of crimson deep in well. Very beautifully ruffled. Has a mania for producing only one spike from any size bulb. Six-inch floret, 8 open, 30-inch head, 72 inches overall. Good producer of large bulb- lets, that germinate and grow well. It is impossible to convey to your mind the real beauty and quality of Victory Queen. Shown but little, to date has won sdig. champion, sec. champion and color champion at various shows and from here on keep your eye on it. Customers report on beauty and performance of Victory Queen are really terriftic. To those who do not already have it, stock a few bulbs or bulblets, and charm yourself. Our supply is limited and quite a few advance reservations in now. Per each, Large, $1.50; or 10 for $10.00; Medium $1.00 or 10 for $8.00; Small, 60c or 10 for $4.80; bulblets, 2 for 25c or 10 for $1.00.

OKLAHOMA Lavender Ruffles X Marmora

CADOUC SO Slavs) are mreiee Veet lee Oy le eae) i= disputed queen of smokies. Color marvel exclusive that charms all who see it. Color, type and perform- ance all made to order. A beautifully ruffled wide open pinkish lilac jewel. Fine propagator. A year in and year out good performer that is bound to do a lot of winning in its class when more stock is in circulation. Three blues at three different shows in 1946. If you do not already have Oklahoma, WHY? This is your year to buy. Introduced too low, prices cut too heavy last year. The large percentage of our stock of this item is sold before this writing. While we have by far the largest stock of Oklahoma it was at no time sufficient to advertise it at wholesale, either) bulbss or apulbictss ermecach, slkearve, 1.00: Medium, 70c; Small, 40c; bulblets, 2 for 20c or 10 for 75c. In the small size we reserve the right to substi- tute medium size No. 6, as top size No. 6, is practi- cally sold out now.

LAKE PLACID Mammoth White X Yellow Perfection

(About 90 days) ... Large creamy white with creamy yellow throat, that checks up to or surpasses most of our present day glads in this color in the 500 class, beth for exhibition and commercial. Many flattering reports from cut flower growers and we are at a loss to know why it is not more extensively grown. It is a sdlg. and the color does not revert back as in the sports of this color. A fine performer and shipper with good stretchy flowerhead and long cut stem. Heavy propagator with bulblets of easiest germina- tion. Time commercial growers were waking up on this one. Per each No. 1, $1.30; No. 2, $1.10; No. 3, 90c; No. 4, 70c; No. 5, 50c; No. 6, 30c; bulblets, 15 for $1.00, 100 for $5.00, 1000 for $35.00. |


SNOW MOUNTAIN Colossus X Pearl Necklace

(About 70 days) . . . Big out of the ordinary white with the drape shape like my lady’s gown of which orders surprised us last year after our disparaging remarks on its crooking. The floret of over 7 inches is beautiful beyond discription and the crook in stem comes mostly just under the flowerhead, just enough crook to lay over naturally for classy basket work. For cut flower growers with a near by market to which they do their own hauling this glad will sell at a premium. That is our main purpose in stocking it heavily. Not all spikes are crooked, many straight, our young stock bloomed late last fall and most all had straight stems. Should be a cut flower business builder for any grower. Has won several blues for us at past shows including first 3 spike ‘Tri-State 1946. Last year Earl L. Albright, Williamstown, N. J. secured one bulb of Snow Mountain from us which fortunately bloomed right for the New Jersey state show, winning show champion, largest floret in show (7% inches) and longest flowerhead in show 29 inches. Showing in the 500 class. Eight open, 21 buds, 6 in color. Very heavy propagator of bulblets of strong germination and good growth. Has a real future and to see it is to want it. A good buy now with a fair price cut from 1946. Per each, No. 3, $2.00; No. 4, $1.60; No. 5, $1.20; No. 6, 80c; bulblets, each 20c or 10 for $1.30.

TONY Vagabond Prince X Rose Defiant (About 90 days) ... Mammoth clear light chocolate,

by far the largest in this color, with contrasting orange blotch and a picotee border of cream. Lightly ruffled. Color all clean as a whistle, no flecks or off mark- ings. The 500 class chocolate you have been looking for. Orders coming strong from fanciers who have seen it at the shows and at our home show room. Good propagator, bulblets of very easy germination. Shown at quite a few shows and has never failed to cop the blue at all shows. Very tall grower with over 7-inch floret, stretchy head, good placement and strong straight stem. If you add only one dark glad this year, make it TONY. Named after our own great preacher glad enthusiast, Rev. Tony Birch, who you all know. This year’s price cut will excuse no one from growing it. Each No. 3, $1.20; No. 4, 70c; No. 5, 40c; No. 6, 20c; bulblets, each 10c or 10 for 70.



(About 90 days) ... The king of the big smokies. Just can’t be beat today on the show table in the 500 or any other class when shown with enough open and it easily opens 11 to 14 formal type. With reason- ably fair growing conditions will make 8 inches or better. Customers have reported 8'%-inch floret. Twenty-one buds, 36-inch flowerhead, 60 inches over- all. Color is a beautiful shade of soft lavender gray with a small attractive blotch. Florets well open, not


Winner of first and champion sdlg. Tri-State. Cham- pion sdlg. Penna. State. Am. Home Achievement, Southeastern Mich. First Ohio State both Akron and Cleveland shows, all first year out in 1942. Ohio State with a score of 92 points, the highest score ever awarded by the Ohio Society. First A.A. and best Ohio orignation at Ohio State (Akron). First and special for most open florets in show (13) at Ohio State, Cleveland. All in 1944. Show champion Ten- nessee. Longest flowerhead at N.E.G.S. Boston. First Ohio State in 1945. First open and longest flower- head Tri-State. First open Ohio State, Cleveland. First open Chagrin Falls. First open East Liverpool in 1946. You can’t keep the Fort from winning. It hasn’t started yet. Per each, Large, $1.00; Medium, 75c;soinally 50c; bulblets;-cachml Uceone1Usiors 0c

GRACIE ALLEN Ohio Nonpareil X Marmora

(About 80 days) ... Very clean deep red scarlet self. Formal type with perfect placement on almost every spike. Your scarlet should be Gracie Allen for both show and commercial. Florists really like it. Five and one-half-inch floret, 8 open, 20 buds, 27-inch head, 62 inches overall. While we will not take the space to give all winnings here, they are very good. Priced way down this year so you can all get in on this fine scarlet. Has been in very good demand. Each, $1.00 for Large; 75c for Medium; 50c for Small; bulblets, each 15c or 10 for $1.00.

LARIME Tangarine X Marmora

(About 90 days)... Fine big clean deep orange with blotch. Very persistent in making top quality show spikes for us and showing in the 400 class. Good formal type. Our personal preference over all oranges. Winner of championships and many blue ribbons. This fine orange should have a much larger circulation than it has. Will be more extensively grown when better known. Each Large, $1.50; Medium, $1.00; Small, 75c; bulblets, 10 for 40c.

JACK POT Janet X Mother Machree

CAbouteJ0Rdays)\a 19435] aeeem learocertitled eseliep) Un. Extra choice in this color and a very dependable good performer for us and has merited favorable com- ments from many growers. Over 6-inch floret, 8 open, 19 buds, 58 inches overall. Strong straight ramrod stem and well proportioned head. A good show win- ner. Sold well last year so our stock is small this SCASOl Ache wINOw ee bl U0 NOs o.8/ Ca INO DOG: INGwo ee DC a NO BOM Ge DUlbicts cache llc.

DANIEL BOONE Peggy Lou X Janet

(About 90 days) 1943... Large 500 class light brick red. Extremely ruffled with a terriffic unbreakable substance. One novelty we shall always grow for our own pleasure. Good producer of large bulblets, somewhat hard to germinate, same as Jack Pot. We soak them good before planting. Quite frequently winner for most ruffled floret in show. Has been in good demand recently from those who have seen it ateshows.. Hach Nom leew U0-Nose2, 6 80c = Noa. 75c; No. 4, 50c; No. 5, 25c; No. 6, 15c; bulblets, each 15¢ or LO for $120)

TUNISIA Commander Koehl X Peggy Lou

(About 80 days) 1944 ... Large formal bronze red. Very fine under artificial light. Though it is a heavy reproducer, very little stock has been sold, conse- quently we planted very little last spring. Growers have not seemed to realize the quality. We are hold- ing most of our stock of this variety for propagation. We have been accused of under rating Tunisia and Skyline, maybe so. These two will still make the grade if we have to grow in quantity and show them ourselves. First one spike TriState and most open florets at Ohio State in a three spike entry with 12-10-10 opening in 1944. Sec. champion and reserve show champion at Ohio State (Cleveland) 1946. It took two ballots by five judges to beat it for this last award. Many who saw these three spikes at Ohio State with 11-12 open in fine condition have sent reservations for stock. Two of these spikes were cut on Tuesday for Sat. show and kept in warm bulb house, proving its keeping qualities. Each, No. 4, $120: No. 5, 900; Now 6, 60c> ibulblets, each 15c: or 10 for $1.00.

DRUM MAJOR Commander Koehl X Tangarine

(About 85 days) 1942 . . . Choice big orange with solid blotch. Seems to be meeting with the approval of all growers and exhibitors. Has given a fine account of itself at the shows and good enough to keep right on winning for some time to come. Our stock 1s small this year only because of lack of time in our late planting season. We do have some stock to sell. Each, No. 4, $1.00; No. 5, 80c; No. 6, 60c; bulblets, each 15c or 10 for $1.00.

STYLE PLUS Peggy Lou X Janet

(About 85 days) 1944... . Extremely ruffled light salmon with cream throat. All very clear and very heavy substance. Another pastel beauty that wins very consistently as the most ruffled floret in the show as well as blue ribbons. We want to build up our stock of this one so will offer only bulblets this year at, per each 10c or 10 for 70c.


Several of our other heavy show winning introduc- tions we were unable to plant in sufficient quantity to warrant listing owing to the lateness of our sea- son, besides many of our customers are growing and listing them and we do like to give our customers a break by pulling out of competition or nearly so before prices get too low. We may have a few to spare of the following in small lots. Ohio Nonpareil, King Click, Purple Supreme, Honolulu, Southern Drama, Frances M. Irwin, Bush Ranger, Beauty Clinic, Mary Virginia, Show Boat, Skyline, American Home, Rose Defiant, Buckeye Bronze, King Tan, Zanzibar, Lavolier and Heart String. If in need of any of these please let your wants be known.

By eliminating a lot of deadwood we are able to pass along a better deal to our customers, and we have never had any squawk on that score.

If you are a base runner at the shows let WILSON originations clip the circuit for you and like it, absol.

While we have said plenty in our regular descrip- tions and do not wish to stick our neck out beyond arm’s length, we still do not wish you to overlook some of the best buys of the year. Victory Queen, Oklahoma, Lake Placid, Flying Fortress, Snow Moun- tain, Tony, Gracie Allen; Uarime, Wunisiay Daniel Boone, Chungking and Glenolden, to mention only a few. These glads are not a patent medicine but a cure for many ills.

ACTON USUI D 2. PAL IOMRGRE 4 2 co dete, SHUR e, Wr PLES GLAD Sa le Ete Wein

If you are not a member of the two following gladiolus societies you're plumb out of date. Keep read up on current topics of which these societies supply you with plenty PLUS.

The New England Gladiolus Society, Inc., Albin K. Parker, Secy., Box 2, Norwood, Mass. North Amer- ican Gladiolus Council, Thomas R. Manley, Secy., 525 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. Annual dues of N.E.G.S., $2.00 per year. N.A.G. Council, $1.00 per year. Almost everyone on our mailing list 1s a member of these two societies but we are passing along the information just in case some are not.

A last thought. Picture of Snow Mountain on front cover was taken at the New Jersey show, of the champion spike. On second day of the show it had eight open in perfect condition.


FLYING FORTRESS From No. 3 bulbs.


ALL VARIE- PIER SsINe Grlissinis Originated by

(VV VV HIE S| GN Gladiolus Hybridist Re D., N@.-3, LISBON, OnIO

Our Location Is Eight Miles East of Lisbon, Ohio, on State Route 154.